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99942 APOPHIS asteroid to cruise by Earth in 2029

03 May 2019

An asteroid named 99942 APOPHIS is on course to pass close to Earth on April 13, 2029. This massive asteroid will be visible to the naked eyes when it passes close to Earth. It is a near-Earth asteroid, which will cruise by Earth in 2029, about 31,000 km above the surface.

99942 Apophis is 340 m (about 1100 ft) wide. According to NASA, it is rare for an asteroid of this size to pass Earth so closely. This is one of about 2,000 asteroids roaming in the galaxy. Scientists believed that their observations can help to gain important scientific knowledge to protect our planet in the future.

Facts about 99942 APOPHIS

  • The 340-meter wide asteroid named 99942 APOPHIS will shoot across the sky like a “moving star-like point of light”, getting brighter and faster on Friday, April 13 2029.
  • This will first visible to the naked eye at 19,000 miles above the earth’s surface in the night sky over the Southern Hemisphere from the east coast to the west coast of Australia.
  • After this, the asteroid will move towards the Indian Ocean, then towards west above Africa, after that towards the Atlantic Ocean in just an hour, it will reach to the US sky later in the day.
  • Scientists are hoping they can use its flyby to learn about an asteroid’s interior.
    Apophis is named for an Egyptian god of chaos.

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