10 best tricks for cracking SSC CCL exam

10 best tricks for cracking SSC CCL exam

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Are you searching for how to prepare SSC CGL examination 2018 in 30 days? Are you searching for shortcut tips and trick to crack SSC CGL exams? Are you out of mind thinking how to make the strategy for smart preparation plan so as to qualify SSC CGL 2018 tier 1 exam? Are you searching for SSC CGL exam pattern and shortcut tricks to crack CGL exam? then, you are landed on the correct page. Throughout this page, we will guide

you to prepare for SSC CGL exam. Here we will provide you the best and the smart tricks of preparation for SSC CGL. We will provide you the best strategy and study tips & tricks to crack CGL examination. We will also discuss few things that need to be remembered during examination time. Thus the whole post is divided into following subcategories. We will go in depth of every aspect of the SSC CGL exam preparation methods.
This post will cover the followings
    • i. Everything you need to know about SSC CGL examination.

    • ii. Exam pattern and Syllabus of SSC CGL exam.

    • iii. Section and Tier wise Preparation Plans

    • iv. 10 Best SSC CGL exam Cracking Tips and Tricks.

Note: If you are viewing this first time then we want to share with you that online Application Process for SSC CGL 2018 Tier 1 is about to finish. If you want to visit to see the recruitment details you can click the following link:
Detail of Online Application notice for SSC CGL 2018 tier 1
i. Everything you need to know all about SSC CGL examination
SSC CGL is one of the most reputed recruitment examination conducted by Staff selection commission of India. The combined graduate level examination is conducted to recruit various group B level gazetted as well as non-gazetted officers to serve the civil duties in various central government departments and offices. SSC GCL exam is conducted annually by SSC commission throughout India and a huge amount of graduate candidates apply for the examination among which only a few are able to make their name on the final selection list. Thus the competition level of the
examination is very high. A Planned and dedicated preparation is required to crack the examination. Among all the SSC recruitment exams conducted by staff selection commission, the SSC CGL exam is the premier one. Since the job profile
of SSC CGL is officer level thus cracking SSC CGL exam is a dream of many Indian graduates.
SSC CGL examination is composed of three different level examinations. Level 1 is called SSC CGL tier 1 examination, level 2 is called SSC CGL tier 2 examination levels 3 is the tier 3 written examination of 100 marks containing essay/ letter writing and story writing. and finally, for few of the posts a Computer Proficiency Test or Skill test will be taken (Subjected to the requirement of the post)
Tier 1 is conducted to test the basic knowledge and reasoning capability of the candidate and to screening the candidate for tier 2 examinations. The candidate has to qualify this tier to give the next level i.e. tier 2 examination. There is minimum cut off mark that candidate have to obtain to quality the tier1 exam. Cut off marks varies every year depending upon the various factors including No of candidates, difficulty level of exam paper and many more things. To know about expected cut off for SSC CGL 2018 and details of SSC CGL cut off Analysis
you can visit the following link.
SSC CGL2018 expected cut off marks and previous year Cut Off analysis

Tier 2 exam is conducted to prepare final selection list for some post (Where Skill Test is not required) and some are promoted for skill test or Computer proficiency test (As per requirement of the posts). The candidates who have qualified in the tier 1 examination only allowed giving the tier 2 examinations. The tier2 exam is a bit difficult then tier 2 exams. Previously the overall merit list was prepared considering the tier 1 mark and tier 2 mark and interview/skill test but from this year SSC CGL tier 1 marks may be considered only as qualifying mark and may not be considered for making the final selection list.

From this year onward another descriptive type paper of 100 marks is also introduced. The paper is consisting of essay, letter and report writing. The mark obtained in this paper is also added to prepare the final merit list.

After written examination, there is simply computer Proficiency Test or Skill test. Some CGL Posts are required computer knowledge and skill like typing. Thus for preparing selection list for this posts a separate skill test is conducted. The final selection marks of the candidate depend on both tier 2 mark, tier 3 mark and skill test mark. Combining all marks a merit list is prepared
ii. SSC CGL exam pattern and Syllabus covered:
The exam pattern that follows by SSC CGL is 3 tier written examinations and Computer proficiency test or skill test. The tier 1 exam paper is objective type question paper including four different sections. The total mark allotted to this paper is 200 marks and a total number of questions is also 100. That is each question carries 2 marks. The four different sections of SSC CGL Tier 1 exam paper contains following sections
  • General Intelligence and Reasoning
  • General awareness
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • English Comprehension
Each Section contains 25 questions and thus total mark in each section is 50 mark.
There is a negative marking for each wrong answer you enter against any question. In general, the value of negative marking is ¼th. Every four wrong answer will deduct 1 marks from the total mark you obtained.
The exam duration is 75 minute for tier 1. i.e. you have to answer 100 question in 1 hour 15 minute.

Tier 2 exam contains 2 papers. The first paper is called Quantitative abilities and the second paper is called English Language and Comprehension. Each paper contains 100 questions bearing 2 marks each thus each paper is of 200 marks. All total this Tier 2 exam is off 400 marks.

Tier 3 is descriptive type paper of English essay letter and report writing.

After written exam, there is Computer Proficiency Test or Skill test. Here data entry skill test of the candidate is tested against a fixed or bounded time period.
For More details about SSC CGL Exam Syllabus, you can visit the following link.
SSC CGL2018 Exam Pattern and Detail Syllabus: Click here to View
iii.Section and Tier wise Preparation Plans
Since SSC CGL Written examination contains two-tier thus your Preparation should be well planned so that you can easily cover all the exam syllabus and Crack the exam with minimum effort. Always keep in mind that there is a huge number of candidates against your single post thus your preparation should be such that you can beat all your competitors. While making Tire and section wise preparation you should analyze and ask yourself few things.
  • How much is important Tier 1 Examination for cracking SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam?
  • Which Section of Tier 1 and Tier 2 exam syllabus should I emphasize more
    i.e. giving more attention?
The genuine answer to the first question is that it depends on merit list preparation system. In the previous years, the marks of tier 1 examination were added to the tier 2 mark to make the final merit list. Thus tier 1 mark was very important during past years. The more marks you obtained in the tier 1 exam the more chances to be higher in the final merit list. But according to the notification issued for SSC CGL 2018 staff selection commission mentioned that they can make the tier 1 examination as qualifying type. If it is so then the importance of the tier1 examination will not be so more as compared to the previous year. Thus you only need to prepare for qualifying the tier 1 examination and no need to score more in the examination. Again the cut off marks of the examination vary every year, so you should keep in mind that part also. So here you need to make the plans as per requirement.
The answer to the second question is that there is some section which overlaps in both the exams i.e. tier1 and tier 2 exam. e.g. Quantitative Aptitude and English Language and Comprehension are the two sections from which questions come in both tier 1 and tier 2 examinations. Thus we should make the plan in such a way that we can give more time for these two sections.
Few SSC CGL Preparation Plan Suggestions.
a. The first thing you have to do is study the whole syllabus and exam pattern of the examination. Download the syllabus and exam pattern for both tier1 and tier 2 as well as tier 3 examinations and print it out so that it becomes handy to you and you can analysis at any time you need.
b. Identify the topics and sections in the syllabus which are more easier to you and which are tougher to you. Note down every strong and weak topic and make plans and strategies to overcome it.
c. Make a planned and smart daily routine for your study. Define your preparation time and
divide the preparation time on daily hours basis. Give more or less time depending upon the importance of the topic. Give more time to weaker areas and lesser time to strong areas. Also, plan your study time to manage a balanced preparation for all the sections and topics.
d. If you are preparing for tier 1 exam then give more time to Quantitative Aptitude and English Comprehension since questions from these topics are asked in both tier1 and tier2 examination.
e. While preparing Reasoning or quantitative aptitude if you get any shortcut tips & trick to solve any question then note it down in a notebook for further references. Find other shortcut tricks for solving Quantities aptitude and reasoning questions.
f. Revise the weaker areas as much as you can so that you can develop the solving tricks for tougher questions.

g. Download previous year question papers and cut off marks and make a details analysis how questions are asked and how many students were appeared in the examination, how many of them were able to clear the cutoffs and make estimated cutoffs so that you can prepare accordingly. To have detail cut off analysis of SSC CGL exam go through my another post link.

h. Practising essay writing, letter writing and report writing is also required. In English newspaper, there is few editorial section which helps a lot for essay writing. Read the daily newspaper and develop writing habits.

SSC CGL Expected Cut Off 2018: Previous Year Cut off Analysis

iv. 8 Best SSC CGL exam Cracking Tips and Tricks
Since the competition Level of the examination is very high so you need some preparation Tips and Tricks so that you can learn more in very less time. You have to utilize your time perfectly and smartly. Few tricks that everyone follows during the preparation is
  • 1. Select Best books:
    • There is a very good line said by a great man is “Books are the best Source of Knowledge“. So it is also true that books are the key to success for any competitive examination. There are various books are available in the market for SSC CGL exam preparation but all the book are not so good that you can follow. Thus while buying any book do a good research and select book and buy them. I have written a blog post for best book for SSC Preparation. If you wish you can visit the following link.

Best books for SSC CGL Exam Preparation 2018

  • 2. Focusing more on important topics of SSC CGL Syllabus:
    • As I have already mentioned that all the exam syllabus and topics which is provided for CGL exam are not equally important. There are few topics with higher importance and few topics with less importance. Point out the more important topics and less important topic. Do analysis from previous year question papers. Give more time and more emphasis
      on more important topics.
  • 3. Revise and Revise:
    • Revision is only key If you find any topic which is a bit difficult to remember but very important for the examination then revise them more times. If you don’t have more time for revision the make a chart of important formulas and hang out on your room wall.
      Paste it on your study table. Make wallpaper in Laptop or mobile and try to memorize it anyhow.
  •  4.Do Course Related Activities:
    • In our day to day life, we do many things which have no learning components like
      we played some games in mobile from where we don’t learn anything. Try to play mobile
      games which helps you to prepare like play IQ game, English word rush game; try
      to solve puzzle games etc. If you watch movies try to see English movies it
      will improve your English Comprehension. While typing message in the mobile enables
      dictionary it will help you to learn the correct spelling of English word.
  • 5. Mock Test:
    • Test your preparation level every week with mock test or practice. i.e. take any previous
      year question paper or any model question paper and test yourself how is your preparation. Identify weaker area and try to overcome it.
  • 6. Manage Time Accordingly During Examination:
    • Only good preparation and Subject knowledge do not work all the time for cracking any competitive examination. The competitive examination is time-dependent. Questions are not that much of difficult, if you are given sufficient time then you will be able to solve all the question but if you are bounded to a time frame then the same question paper will be difficult to solve in that time frame. Make a good strategy to manage the time during the examination. Following are the few things that you can do to manage the provided time
    • If the examination is offline examination then always keep a ball pen which you have been using from the longer time period. It will help you to mark the dark circle very fast.
    • Try to solve the easier part first like solve the question first which you can solve in a single look. Don’t try to be attached more to any question. If you find a simple difficulty leave the question move to next.
    • Try to solve the English and GK section first because these sections take lesser time to be solved.
  •  7. Don’t Play Guessing Games:
    • Since the exam paper contains negative marking so don’t try to guess an answer. If you, not 100% sure about the answer to any question then leave it. Generally, we have a tendency that, if we are 30% sure about the answer try to give the answer. Single mistake and ¼ of your owned mark gone. So we suggest not to guessing any answer.
  • 8. News Paper and Magazines:
    • Newspaper and the Magazines like the Hindu, Indian times, Competition Success Review are the
      keys of your Current Affair. Daily invent your 1 hour on reading newspapers, Magazines
      and see TV news channels.

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