How to prepare for SSC CHSL – Preparation for Combined Higher secondary Level examination

How to prepare for SSC CHSL ? CHSL Preparation Tips and Tricks

 Combined Higher secondary Level examination Conducted by Staff Selection Commission of India is very popular and most competitive examinations among all 10+2 level examinations. Every year Laks of Indian youngster apply for SSC CHSL examination and make their career as Data Entry Operator or as Lower Divisional Clark in various central government departments, offices or as Sorting Assistant/sorting Assistant in Indian Postal service.
If you are preparing for SSC CHSL 2016 then it is obvious that many a time you came across many questions in your mind. Those may encludes how to start preparing for SSC CHSL or you may thinking about best tips and tricks for the examination so as to crack the examination easily. Or many a time you may also thinking what may be the strategies that the successful candidate follow and thus selected for SSC CHSL examination.
Don’t worry, we will here guide you the best way of preparation for SSC CHSL examination, we will also provide you the best tips and tricks for SSC CHSL examination, we will also help you to build besic necessites or requirements for SSC CHSL examination. In this post we will try to cover every aspect of preparation for SSC CHSL examination so that  aspirants we be benefited as much. For aspirants ease we will discuss various aspects of SSC CHSL
examination in different sections. This post  contains following sections
1. SSC CHSL Examination Details
2. CHSL Exam Pattern and Syllabus
3. Pre requirements for SSC CHSL exam preparations
4. SSC CHSL Exam preparation Strategies and Plans
5. Time management during examination
Let’s start Our discussion in depth
1. SSC CHSL Examination Details
As we have already mentioned SSC CHSL is one of the most popular Higher Secondary Level examination where every 10+2 passed candidate can apply and appear for the examination. Every year SSC conducts combined Higher Secondary Level examination to fill the vacant higher secondary Level post in various Central government departments, offices and ministries. The post that are provided in this examination are Lower Divisional Clark (LDC), Data Entry Operator (DEO) and  Shorting Assistant/Postal Assistant of Indian Postal Services. Every year a huge number of vacancies releases and many candidate  make entry in central government job, filling those vacancies.
The examination is conducted annually all over the India. A huge number of candidates appear for the examination but only a few make their name in the final list. Due to increased number of candidates the examination is becoming tougher and tougher every year.
Candidates can apply for the examination through online mode as well as offline mode. For online application candidate have to visit and can apply online. For offline application candidate can download the offline application form and can send the filled application with required document to appropriate SSC Zonal office where you are applying.
2. SSC CHSL Exam Pattern and Syllabus:
Knowing syllabus of SSC CHSL examination is very much important to for SSC CHSL exam preparation. The examination is conducted in two steps
Step 1- A written examination is conducted of 200 mark
Step 2- A skill test or computer proficiency test for data entry operator.
CHSL Written examination: written examination is conducted offline. The examination paper contains 200 multiple choice question where each question carries 1 mark each. There are four sections in the written examination paper.
a. General Intelligence
b. English Language
c. Quantitative Altitude
d. General Awareness
All the four section contains 50 questions each thus total question are 200. Each questions carries 1 mark totaling 200 marks for the exam.
The time allowed for complete the exam paper is  2 hour (2 hr 40 minute for differently Abled Candidate).
There is negative marking for each wrong input of answers against every question. The negative marking is 1/4. i.e. for every four wrong answer 1 mark will be deducted.
For detail syllabus you can visit following link.
3. Exam Pattern and Syllabus for SSC CHSL Examination
Pre- Requirements for SSC CHSL preparation:
There are few thing you must do before start preparing for CHSL Examination. Those includes
1. Download complete exam syllabus : Exam syllabus is very much important thing for any exam preparation. If you don’t know the syllabus then your preparation is not complete. You may reading many thing but may not reading the thing which is asked to read in the syllabus. Thus this is the first and foremost thing that one who is going to start preparing for SSC CHSL download complete syllabus and go through it thoroughly. It will lead you to directive preparation for the examination.
2. Get details of previous Year cut Off- before starting preparation get basic idea about what was the previous year cut off for the same examination. It will help you to boost you preparation because previous year cut off Analysis provides you the competition level as well as success rate of the candidates. If cut off is too high then it is obvious that a lot of candidates is appeared for the examination.
3. Get Previous Year Question Paper: Previous year question papers are the best source of type of question asked in the examination. Download previous year question paper as much as  available or you can buy from the market. These question papers helps you to guess the question for this year. Analyse the question papers clearly and make a note how many questions are asked from a specific topics.
4. SSC CHSL 2016 Exam Preparation Strategy and Plans:
Since the competition level of SSC CHSL examination is increasing year by year so a smart preparation Strategy and Plan is required to prepare effectively. You must know the factor affecting your preparation as well as factors which leads you to be successful in the examination. Here we are giving you the best Exam preparation Strategies so that you can easily learn more with less efforts. Do follow the strategies.
I. Decide your preparation Time: As we are so busy with our day to day work, first think that you decide about your preparation time. Choose a specific time of preparation for every day. Be sure that you are dedicated to that time for preparation. This is required Because our mind is not stable all the time so as to capture all things that we read. Pick a specific time in the day when your mind is fully active and stress free.
II.Make a time table for your preparation: If you follow daily time table of your preparation then you can learn all the components of the examination easily. Make daily  preparation time table such a way that you include all the four components like GK, Reasoning, English and Arithmetic in your time table. Reading everything daily will create a preparation flow and will result maximum knowledge gain.
|||. Select Best Book for preparation: Books are called best source of preparation but all book that are available in the market are may not good for preparation. Before buying books do small research. Search on blogs about good book, research about topics that are covered in the book. R.S agarwal books good for Quantitative aptitude as well as reasoning.
IV. Read Monthly Megazine : Megaziness are best source of current Affairs Knowledge. Read a good Monthly Megazine always. Pratiyogita Darpan is one of the best monthly Megazine.
V. Identify your strong and Weak areas: While preparing for the examination find out your strong and weak areas. It is true that all the topics of the syllabus is not equally understandable. There are few topics which you may find  easier and some topics which you may find Difficult. So identify your easier and difficult topics. Try to allocate more your preparation time for difficult topics and less time for strong topics.
VI. Identify important topics: It is called that exam paper contains questions from all the topics but there are few topics from which more questions are asked always and from few topics less questions are asked. Identify the frequently asked topics from previous year questions and allocate more time of your preparation to those topics.
VII. Revise and Revise: Revision is the best to remember things for longer period. If you think you are not able to remember then do practice as much as you can do revise. Revise difficult topics daily. GK are forgotten frequently. So do Revise GK daily.
VIII. Test Yourself: Only preparation is not enough for cracking the examination. Time is very crucial for any type of competitive examination and specially SSC CHSL is so competitive that if you are not fast enough in solving problems then you will not able to make you name in the final list. And the best way to increase your working speed is testing yourself with mock questions papers. Buy mock question papers and do Mock test Yourself every week. And see improvements. I am sure if you have done 20 mock test then you will surely be able to manage time in the examination easily.
IX. Do course Related Activities: Every day we spend a lot of time playing mobile games, watching movies, watching TV , chatting with friends and more. If you are a game Fricks then play course Related games like guessing word game, like word rush, play puzzle game, play KBC, play reasoning game etc. Also if you love watching movie and do watch English movie it will improve your English Vocabularies. If you chat more with your friend then do chat in English and never chat in short cut and code language use full English words and type by yourself don’t take from suggestions.
5. Time Management During Examination
As I have already mentioned that time management is very much important during exam time because the exam paper is not so touch but the thing that we should remember is the limited time that is offered to you. There are 200 questions in the exam paper and allocated time is only 120 minute so if we do analysis how much time is allocated to answer a question then we will find that it is very less. Let’s do an analysis say you need 10 minute to darken the answer sheet the effective time allocated to solve the paper is only 110 minute thus to solve each question you are allocated only 32 sec which is very less. In this 32 sec you have to read the question, have to understand the question and have to answer. So if you are not fast in reading as well as understanding then you will never be able to solve all questions.  So  I want to suggest you few tips for Exam time management so that you can. Maximise you answering.
i . Always try to solve GK questions first. If is noticed that GK question do not take much time to be solve since there is no thinking components.
ii. Do not stick in a single questions more. If you find any questions puzzling you then immediately skip the question. Ot you may mark if for final review.
III. Always try to solve reasoning and quantitative aptitude questions at last. They are more time consuming.
iv. For Offline Examinations always bring a used ball pen. Never use a new pen. Used ball pen will minimised your circleling time.
v. Stop Guessing: Guessing and answering may lead to reduce your obtained marks. If you not 100% sure about the answer then never try to answer it. Always keep in mind that there is negative marking in the examination. And if you really want to guess then only guess when you are sure that there are two questions which are not true.
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