agriculture syllabus for ias

Arabic Syllabus for Main Examination

Arabic Syllabus for Main Examination Paper-I Answers must be written in Arabic Section-A 1. (a) Origin and development of the language-an outline. (b) Significant features of the grammar of the language, Rhetorics, Prosody. (c) Short Essay in Arabic. Section-B 2. Literary History and Literary Criticism: Socio-Cultural Background, Classical literature, literary movements, modern trends, origin and …

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Agriculture Syllabus

Agriculture Syllabus for UPSC Main Examination Agriculture Main Syllabus 2017 Paper-I Ecology and its relevance to man, natural resources, their sustainable management and conservation. Physical and social environment as factors of crop distribution and production. Agro ecology; cropping pattern as indicators of environments. Environmental pollution and associated hazards to crops, animals and humans. Climate change …

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